Why and how to write ID3 Tags on every export

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ID3 is a metadata container for your songs information such as the title, artist, album, and any other information you wish to accompany your MP3. ID3 tags not only allows the listener to see information about the currently playing track, but also allows the searching and sorting of music a lot easier. It enables the listener to search and sort by artist, genre, year etc..

So, why is ID3 tags so important to the artist, composer, producer, etc…? Recognition. We don’t make music to stay anonymous and as artists we all want recognition for our work. ID3 tags provides us the recognition for our work. Every time your song is loaded into a media player (like iTunes), your metadata information (like artist name and album) will display correctly in the players window. Otherwise, if we do not enter ID3 Tags, our MP3s will only display the MP3s file name. Thus meaning, anyone who downloads your MP3 will only know the your song by whatever you decided to name the file. Think about the last time you sorted music in iTunes and how many Unknown Artists songs there were. You don’t want to be classified as an Unknown Artist do you? Get the recognition you deserve and have media players like iTunes display proper credits.

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