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3 2 1, i’m like rocket ships
reaching new heights when i’m dropping hits
get on board if you wanna rock to this
we can’t stop, won’t stop ’til the apocalypse
get rude, get ruthless, that’s what the truth is
i can punch through this, bring it with a newness
blazing arrow, you’re being shot by cupid
never take the pen off the page, that’s useless
circle ‘round culture like a satellite
crushing like a can of sprite
move real fast ‘cause i travel light
put me in your plans tonight
rap life, and it’s like i’m flipping scripts everyday
vanna white
if you wanna mess with this specialist
i am definitely set for dismembering any nemesis
and making the treacherous less than effortless
so call my receptionist
i’ll be waiting for you at the top of everest

i hear you, baby
i wanna sing when you play
when you play your song

so wild, making my own style, baby, i know how
taking it home now with these songs
no doubt heads only go routes they’re already shown now
but that just makes me yawn
can you tell me how you plan to be standing out
in this dappled new tapestry
follow orders marching left/right but it’s still never panning out
it’s a fantasy, practically anarchy
you panic without tapping your faculties
while i casually climb to the apogee
nobody in the world’s got it like me
dig any amount deeper and you might see
i push harder than pushers, play harder than players
shine brighter than stars, and care less about haters
what could be realer than a living breathing burner machine
in a perpetual term of turning your steam into something worth a g
i’m collecting my currency to further the initiation of who hasn’t heard of me

i hear you, baby
i wanna sing when you play
when you play your song

FAN MASH II | Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang

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