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Additional horsemanners:

Out of style plankers:
Caitlin Bell
Andie Chang
Mark Galban
Rebekah Clark
Jory Caron

Camera work by Gunnarolla, Gregor Moss, Aaron Van Domelen and Pants.
Post by Pants.

The song at the end is “1-Up” which you can download here:

For more about horsemanning:

Gm Bb F Dm


planking’s out of style now, been for a while now
i’m seeing people even going back to smiles now
but we don’t use those – i’m giving kudos
to these two girls who blessed us all with a new pose
you gotta do it now, you gotta horseman
find a good spot, check out your floor plan
gotta respect this, if you had a knife for a necklace
you could look just like this – headless

if you want to horseman, this is what you do
get a friend who’ll pretend his body’s part of you
you gotta look headless, headless, headless, headless
then take a picture and put it up on the net, kids

if you want to horseman, this is what you do
get a friend who’ll pretend her body’s part of you
you gotta look headless, headless, headless, headless
then take a picture and put it up on the net, kids

it’s not that complicated, make sure you do it right
you gotta keep your partner’s body hidden out of sight
don’t do it with an object or with an animal
but with an arm or a leg it could look so magical
and don’t you try it solo, people will think you’re dead
a guillotine is not required to lose your head
’cause two is better than one
and three just doesn’t make sense
but four, double horseman
come on, everybody, try it with your friends


i don’t want that planking, that batting, that owling
i don’t want that coning, that leisure diving, that plowling
used to rock a double plank, that was too much trouble, thanks
still need a brother who can help me do this other thing
and you’re wondering, is it really what you think?
bada-boom, bada-bing, everybody’s shuttering
gotta get this photograph, you know the math
i’m so disastrous on social media, share it with the total cast
hashtags all everywhere, so much class
a party without a horseman’s not legit
gotta rock with it ’til the apocalypse
there’s no stopping this, i got heads just dropping quick
somebody get on top of this – i need a horseman


Don’t know what these new-fangled internet memes are? Never fear! I’ve stolen descriptions from the very internet that begat them:

Planking is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the internet is an integral part of the game. Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play.

Batting: To hang upside down in a bat like position with you arms in a v shape against your hips.

Owling is a variation on planking in which a person squats “like an owl”.

Coning is a viral video prank that involves ordering a soft-serve ice cream cone from a drive-through and grabbing the cone by the ice cream – rather than the cone – when it is handed through the drive-through window. A camera is strategically placed in the prankster’s automobile to pick up the employee’s reaction.

Leisure diving involves striking a relaxed pose midair while jumping into a body of water.

Plowling: Owl on top of a person who is planking.

Horsemanning, or fake beheading, was a popular way to pose in a photograph in the 1920′s. Sometimes spelled horsemaning, the fad derives its name from the Headless Horseman, an evil character from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” The object of horsemanning is to create the illusion that the photo’s subject has been beheaded.

English – Hanna Von Leliwa
Norwegian – Linn Pettersen
German – Anina Rosik
Russian – Maria Tutevich
Spanish – Victoria Resumil


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