The Industry 808/Bass Mixing Trick the Pros USE ALL THE TIME!

Play around and try Side EQ in your sessions. But remember – keep it subtle! Get Duckout (EASY to use Sidechain Plugin) – Logic Preset Kits: Mogul Presets: The Sounds of Metro Boomin: Drum Kits: London Streets (UK Drill Drum Kit) – Summer Fuego – The Essentials Drum Kit: More

3 Vocal Mixing Tips Beginners Should Know! (Vocal Mixing Techniques)

This video is an in-depth tutorial on 3 vocal mixing tips beginners should know. I am using FL Studio but these tips/tricks/techniques are applicable on many other DAW’s. We go over equalizing reverb, parallel compression, automated delay. Comment below what tutorial I should do next. Beats for purchase here: BUY 1 GET 3 FREE!Read More