3 Fun Practice Tips for the At-Home Producer ( + COVID-19 stuff re: music industry)

THANK YOU for helping me raise $1000 for Equal Sound this past week!!

SO this is weird for everybody lol but here are some tips & fun exercises if you are bored & looking for some ways to practice your craft. Or if you’d just like to practice your craft.

Either way, these are great exercises.

Links to things that I’ve mentioned in this video:
Splice – https://splice.com/sounds
Birocratic’s Sample Pack – https://splice.com/sounds/splice/birocratic-pack
Serum – https://xferrecords.com/products/serum (also available rent-to-own on Splice)
Dot – https://www.dotmusic.space/
Equal Sound – https://equalsound.org/project/corona-relief-fund/
Guidestar – https://www.guidestar.org/ (and https://www.charitynavigator.org)
Oh, Shoot (NT2 Mix) – https://badsnacks.bandcamp.com/track/oh-shoot-nt2-mix

Links to my music:
My spotify –

My bandcamp –

As per usual, let’s get social:
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TW: https://twitter.com/lilbadsnacks
E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you for your continuing support through this crazy time and I genuinely wish you all the best & to stay healthy in all the ways you can!

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