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The involvement of moustache sunglasses is entirely Lochie Axon’s fault.

I mentioned this briefly on my Tumblr in April; I’ve been really interested in exploring a surrealist take on rap music. Salvador Dali’s art has been a huge visual inspiration to me since I first discovered him, and his work has always made me think about what it would be like to create sounds or to write lyrics with the types of approaches he took to his painting. Extremely dense metaphors, exaggeration, twisting reality to service feelings above facts, equally aiming for absurdity and beauty, perspectives changing or clashing, double-entendres, juxtaposition of anything from pacing to imagery to mood – these were the kinds of techniques I started to purposefully employ as I attempted to make music in this style. Hope you dig it.


so look, i’m a shark in a fist fight
underwater where the kids can’t switch light
under blood soon, when i come and gut you
bodies surface – that’s what’s up, dude!
i’m just playing, suspension of disbelief
too insane to mention
can i joke about joking about the jokes?
just watch me cut, that’s pain attention
and i’m way past brain retention
just want to make these crazed inventions
i could take you to the eighth dimension
but couldn’t tell you who’s gonna pay my pension
mo money, mo problems
who’s mo? sounds like he’s got it awesome
meanwhile i’m mo lyrics
seeming like i’m such a pro at creating
my notepad needs condoms

i see bees in my dreams
dying every time somebody calls me
and a jean jacket savior
teaching me how to play guitar like a prayer
i said prayer but i think i meant player
villains’ hideouts have nothing on me, i have so many layers
the alarm clock is catching up
but i am still a mystery
i’m shaking at the sink
what’s gotten into me?

don’t be sad
i got a million and a half new friends for us
and they’re all pills
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i’m sure it’s fine
move fast when i need to
cash i agreed to
i’m that see-through
learn lots, wide angle to the CU
i guess i wouldn’t want to be you
i’ll stick to what i know, and i know myself
a tattered rag of nothing wrapped up in a fragile shell
so flimsy, frail and brittle
rotten, delicate and overreaching
but i keep painting on the outside – it still looks pretty decent

is that all i got done today?
my body is a cage, can’t run away
can’t think of anything: i think that is the trend
why does growing up feel like being a kid again?
there are three things i want right now
my work to be cancelled tomorrow
a million dollars

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Shark | Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang

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