How To: Logic Pro – Loading multiple samples in EXS24 Sampler (Work-around for Logic Pro 9.0.1)

Hey YouTube, recently with the Logic Pro 9.0.1 update people are having problem with importing samples into the EXS24 sampler:

The problem is this:

When you go to the edit mode in the EXS24 sampler and try to load multiple samples under zone it will loads the samples over the entire piano roll in contiguous zone selection as opposed to each individual key. It works fine in logic 8 but doesn’t in 9.

Basically everything worked perfectly in Logic 9 and Logic 8, but since the Logic Pro 9.0.1 update it stopped working.

Now I found a fix online from Dezzy and here is his fix:

Dezzy Workarround:

1. open the EXS24 via ” edit ” to create a new empty Instrument
2. go to the desired Folder ( outside logic ) and select all the samples
3. drag them to the EXS Keyboard to the desired Key
4. a popup shows you the correct working Option ” Contiguous Zones ”

I have to go outside of Logic to select the samples but
I can live with that until the new Update is coming …….



Thank Dezzy…

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